What we do

​​​​Below are typical projects we work on, and some of the analytical techniques in our toolbox.

Market Segmentation

Latent class clustering, Proprietary algorithm

Marketing Effectiveness Testing

Attribution Models 

Process Optimisation

Linear programming 


ARIMA Modelling

Customer Database Analytics

Churn, RFV, LTV

Brand Mapping

Correspondence Analysis 

Benefit/Needs Prioritisation

Max Diff

Key Drivers Analysis


Pricing Analysis

Van Westendorp, CBC 

New Product Development

Conjoint, TURF 


What makes us different

There are three things that set us apart from typical statisticians:​


Proprietary Approaches

We have employed operational research approaches to enhance marketing statistical techniques. We’ve developed powerful simulation tools allowing clients to perform “what if” analysis with the outputs.

We’ve also developed an advanced segmentation alogrithm that optimises clusters based on business needs rather than statistical rules

Commercial Focus

We understand that there is no point in developing a mathematical optimum solution that is not relevant within the wider business context.

We ensure our analytics is practical, pragmatic and always helps your clients make better business decisions.

Client Friendly

Our client facing experience means you can be comfortable putting us in front of senior clients, knowing we will talk business needs, not statistical techniques.

We produce our outputs in Powerpoint because we know it doesn’t matter how clever the analysis is, it needs to be conveyed in a clear and compelling way to ensure client buy in.

How we work?

We do our best work when we have the opportunity to contribute to the design of the project to ensure that the right data is collected to deliver against the project objectives.

We are open to discussing your client’s issue and we will work with you to develop the best approach to address it. Furthermore, we can help you win business by contributing technical slides for your proposals and attending pitch presentations. When you win the project, we work collaboratively with your team to deliver excellent results. You can scale our involvement to match your budget and resourcing needs.
We can also work with your in-house analytics team to provide support when their capacity is stretched.​


Happy Clients

​What some of our clients are saying about us...

  • Actionable Analytics have been one of our preferred analytics partners for a while now. Their expertise and pragmatic attitude to the application of analytics to address real commercial problems is refreshing. They really understand that usability of analytics is key, not purist adherence to techniques or methods.

  • We have only been working with Actionable Analytics for a short while but our experiences of them have already impressed us greatly. With their direction (communicated in plain English!) we have been able to evolve the way we present findings to our clients and ensure these outputs are more meaningful and engaging. Beyond this, Actionable Analytics have proved exceptionally easy to work with – meeting or beating deadlines and offering fast, effective responses to even the most trivial questions. This combination of attributes has set them apart from others we have worked with in the past.

  • Alan provides more than statistical analysis. He is that rare breed of person who can take the work on to a more profound understanding of the implications of the decisions facing a business. His MBA and savvy business brain means he works in the real world and that’s a refreshing change.

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  • “Alan and his team bring the ideal combination of technical expertise and strategic perspective to our projects.  They are an ideal partner throughout the process, from recommending the appropriate methodologies through interpreting results in a meaningful and actionable way; helping us take analytics beyond the numbers to successful implementation in our business.  Actionable Analytics consistently delivers high quality, thoughtful results and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

    Tina Silberman, Director of Research, Harvard Business Publishing”

​​​​Get in touch

​​​If you are interested in understanding more about how we can add value to your business get in touch. We are very happy to give you more details about what we can do, and to discuss how we could work together in the future.